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Brandy-Rose McIlmoyle

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Brandy-Rose McIlmoyle

It's a wonderful time in each parents lives to have the child Baptized or Dedicated. I myself am a mother of two and had a very difficult time deciding what to do for my children, as our families have different religious and spiritual views. It pleases me greatly to be able to assist parents in finding the right Baptism or Dedication ceremony. Each family and child is unique and beautiful the ceremony you decide upon should reflect these qualities you as a parent or guardian wish to bestow upon your children, and to acknowledge they are a gift and blessing that have been brought into our lives.

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Thank you so much for the lovely Baptism ceremony for Liam ...we were so pleased and one of our guests actually called us that night to tell us that it was the most beautiful baptism he had EVER attended...I'm so was perfect, the program, the music, the setting, the pace, the length of the ceremony...everything!!!


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