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Janice Pow

Janice Pow

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Naming, Dedication, Baptism, Christening or Welcoming ceremony - there are so many ways for families to welcome new life into our society. There are traditions that have been handed down through the generations and we can be the creators of new traditions. When a child comes into the world, it is a call for celebration and whether your ceremony is one that has been performed through the ages or something new from your heart – Janice will assist you in realizing your vision of honouring the child in your life

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Thank you so much for the lovely Baptism ceremony for Liam ...we were so pleased and one of our guests actually called us that night to tell us that it was the most beautiful baptism he had EVER attended...I'm so was perfect, the program, the music, the setting, the pace, the length of the ceremony...everything!!!


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